Frequently asked questions

  • What is Netstay?

    NetStay is the best way to connect with young, smart and curious young leader and entrepreneurs. It gives you the opportunity to see the world through your networks!

  • How do I join/sign up?

    NetStay is only open to members of exclusive networks of young leaders and entrepreneurs. If you are a member following networks, you are invited to join:

    • Kairos Society

    • World Business Dialoguq

    • StartingBloc

    • Global Startup Youth

    • Thiel Fellowship

    • HULT Prize

    • South American Business Forum

    • Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations

    • Business Today International Conference

    • Asia Pacific Week

  • Is NetStay a service?

    All interactions between members, both online and offline are at their own discretion and are solely the responsibility of the members who choose to engage in said interactions.

    We are facilitators, not service providers;
    therefore any adverse outcomes as a result of member interactions are not the responsibility of Network EverAfter or of the administrators of this group.

    We are not liable for any damage to any personal property, theft, or injury that may occur as a consequence of interacting with other members under any circumstance.

    Members of the group are neither obligated nor pressured to participate in the community, nor to interact with other members. Their participation is entirely at their own discretion.

    Consider us your friend who connected you via chat.